You Forgot “The Natural”

by xearther ~ June 13th, 2011. Filed under: Insight, Opportunity, Wealth Creation.

This is in response to Chris Munch’s free chapter of “Why Most Online Entrepreneurs Fail

BTW, I experienced a bit of a challenge with 3-free-sample.php. I’m not sure what the heck Chris is doing but besides having success in getting to the doc and saving the pdf it also refused to load and also crashed Firefox, or I should say Adobe Reader crashed Firefox.

I wonder if Chris has a chapter on KEEP IT SIMPLE? If he does he should follow his advice and just have a damn link to the pdf file and tell people to either right-click or package it in a zip for a direct click download. Wait… What? There are people who don’t find that simple?

Now, back to the track…

Thank you, Chris, for “Chapter 3”. It was a great catalyst for some reflection.

“Common sense” may tell me “the rules of business means that nothing can be easy” but logic does not.

When Mozart played the piano was it easy?

When Dean Martin sang “Everybody loves somebody…” was it easy?

Talent + Market Positioning (as Authority) can mean some things are easy.

They can not be replaced by “tough competition” because NO ONE DOES IT BETTER.

Another way to put it is… to sing “it don’t come easy” ignores the 800 pound gorilla in the room commonly known as THE KING OF THE HILL.

When I have a vision and I code for it or map it to make it a reality it is easy and fun. It is like getting paid to do crossword puzzles.

No one (OK, few) can compete with me on that.

But others, I admit, can knock the crap out of me when it comes to marketing. But it doesn’t stop me from getting back up again to take another swing at it.

“Life is designed so that the biggest rewards are available to those who work hardest to reach them.”

I do not deny the value of hard work. It is my “middle name”. But I submit to you even that is not enough.

The only way I am going to get to where I am going is to COMBINE the “hard work” with the 800 pound gorilla: that which makes me UNIQUE and hopefully of VALUE in the marketplace.

The fact that it’s 4AM and I’m doing this crazy shit while the 98% are still asleep is a reflection of that passion that is driving the hard work and talent.

My “job” is to be of service to others and to me, it’s ALL FUN. When you see each moment as a gift how can it not be?

For me, as an entrepreneur, it’s difficult to pursue any “hobby” without seeing opportunity. 😉

“individual driven media”. You mean guerilla vs hierarchy. Yep, I like the idea of taking down those wannabe cube farm, corporate life-sucking, sociopathic bastards any chance I get.

Monitor my mischief off and on this summer and you will see what I mean and hopefully be entertained by my mistakes and pleased to see my “luck”.

Thank you again, Chris.

Be Seeing You,

Patrick Donovan

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