We’ll Start With The “Risk Takers”

by xearther ~ June 22nd, 2009. Filed under: Internet Marketing, Twitter, Wealth Creation.

I’m building a new post today – probably more than one. I’m on a “tear” with idea implementation these past 7 hours. So come back later today if you enjoy taking “risks” with the possibility of unforseen but potentially huge payoffs. Those who wouldn’t trust their mother and prefer to hide under the bed can carry on…

Of course, I know there’s no risk at all. But you don’t know that now, do you? 😉

To start with, I am wondering if it is possible to use twitter as a medium to present ideas. I’m not talking about communicating one’s latest circumstance or sensory experience. And I’m not talking about using twitter as a link promoter.

I’m talking about using twitter to truly educate, to inform, to stimulate thought. All in 140 characters.

Quite a challenge. I do believe it is doable. And I’m going to try this week.

I will also be exploring the use of twitter as a method, believe it or not, to establish a membership. I have a pretty good idea how the mechanism will work. But the unforeseen will no doubt appear. Of course, in order for there to be any surprises, I need to take action.

So during the next few days, most of my expressions will not be within to serve mind posts. They will be instead micro-posts on the micro-blog twitter.

You can follow these ruminations as they surface by following me here: http://www.twitter.com/xearther.

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