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by xearther ~ November 3rd, 2008. Filed under: Internet Marketing.

There are a two things I’m not mentioning in the PLR Daily Drip sales letter I just created you need to know about if you are at all interested in the dynamics of membership sites.

This is a new site. It is using a new product from Simon Hodgkinson called Instant Member.

One of the primary features of this software application is its ability to deliver content in a timed manner. What you see is SPECIFIC to HOW LONG you’ve been a member.

In other words, 3 months down the road after you first established your membership and you’ve paid for 3 months, no new member is going to see what you see. They will see what you saw 3 months ago! And in order for them to see what you now see, it will take them 3 months of membership to do so.

Pretty cool, eh?

The other thing I want to stress is I tend to be full of surprises.

While I will always follow the guidelines of those vendors whose products are being offered, I will tend to “push the envelope” and be as generous as I can get away with.

There will be some days when you check to see the latest “drip” and you will no doubt exclaim, “Holy Crap!” 🙂

It’s only a buck for a one week trial. Enough time for you to get a “feel” for the site. And then, with your “Grand Opening” coupon you’ll be saving yourself enough money to buy yourself a nice lunch every month: With the coupon $10 discount It takes it down to only seven bucks a month for almost a hundred products! Each and every month? Yea!

One final note…

I’ve made no mention of an “affiliate program”. And I’ve got an excellent reason for that.

The first thing I want to do is build an excellent foundation of VALUE that is based on a membership that delivers on what it says it does – and more.

Once that is established, the “bugs” are worked out, and there is a core of “true believers”, THEN we’ll talk about $$$, and NOT through an “affiliate program”, but through a RESELLER program where you pocket 100%.

I am going to experiment and apply resell techniques to this membership like NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN BEFORE.

OK. OK. I said “one final note”… But here’s one more.

I am NOT a “guru”. And when it comes to marketing I suck at it. MOST PEOPLE DO.

But I do know what I AM good at.

And one of them is coding and dealing with vendor applications like this new membership app.

If there is one person you want on your side with this app if you’re considering purchasing it for your own use, it’s me.

It’s what I do for a living: dealing with the integration of and enhancement to vendor applications.

I’m not saying I’m going to be your “technical support”. That’s THEIR job! 🙂

But I will be sharing ALL that I find wrong with this application and also HOW IT CAN BE MADE BETTER.

And as I gain experience with it, I will be ENHANCING the application through add-ons and building new functionality based upon the application’s MYSQL database architecture.

Those enhancements will be shared with all PLR Daily Drip members.

I hope you join us.

At Your Service,

Patrick Scott Donovan (aka xearther)
PLR Daily Drip

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