My Promise To You

by xearther ~ November 10th, 2008. Filed under: Internet Marketing.

There is one thing that will always stick in my mind when I think of Frank Kern. And that is a comment he made during a conversation in one of his earlier videos. He said, “We’re all a bunch of amateurs”. I’d call that both insightful and honest. I mean no disrespect. But it was totally unexpected. And when I heard it he had my attention 110%.

I mention Frank’s comment because of something Internet Marketers do that has become quite the classic cliche. But they still do it. And they still don’t get it.

I’m talking about the sales copy with the “fancy cars” and “big mansions”. And let’s not forget about those “sailors” and their “yachts”.

Users of the Internet are becoming more sophisticated. And while there is still plenty of naivete, the old formulas increasingly send an unintended message. Do these marketers really think they’re providing some kind of “proof” of their claims? What they apparently don’t get is they are communicating they achieved some financial success. And packaged with impressions of big egos is the nagging feeling that success was made off the backs of the buyers of the “system” and not the “system” itself.

The prospect will sometimes be hungry – VERY hungry. And they’ve seen it all before. They want MORE. They don’t want to see the “fancy cars” of the sellers. THEY WANT TO SEE THE “FANCY CARS” OF THE BUYERS! When the perpetually disappointed and desperate prospect reads the copy about the seller getting their latest toy the prospect wants to do just one thing: slap ’em.

If the desperate prospect were to read testimonial after testimonial from CUSTOMERS talking about THEIR new toys, thanking the seller for the quality products and services that helped make it all happen… well then, the prospect wants to do just one thing: go for it and click BUY NOW. Why? Because the prospect sees proof that others “in the same boat” took action with the seller’s help and achieved their dreams.

Simple. Straightforward.

So my promise to you is this. I will never talk about my “toys” to sell you something. Whatever toys I show in sales copy will be your toys. After all, that IS the point, isn’t it?

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