I Want To Do This Right

by xearther ~ January 18th, 2010. Filed under: Portal.

I purchased a domain a few years ago: goldsilverprice.com.

What I find amazing is that it really wasn’t that many years ago when a domain name like that was still available. I was well aware of its long-term value. 😉

If you attempt to throw that domain name in your browser and go hunting for it you’ll see that it goes… nowhere. Such a waste, eh? I do agree.

I look at a site like time.org and their straightforward, modest monetization. And I wonder… is that what I should do with goldsilverprice.com? I did register at the same time its hyphenated “cousin”: gold-silver-price.com. I’ve played with that one a bit. But still, it is far from polished and professional. It really is in fact a bit of an embarrassment.

Recently, in a highly unusual move (for me), a rep from namecheap.com got in touch with me because someone was inquiring with them who really wanted to contact me about the domain and inquire whether or not in was for sale. My reply was that it isn’t for sale. But if they wanted to stay in touch they were welcome to do so. I’ve heard nothing more.

So what’s the point of all this? The point is I really do need help with this domain. It is of such a high quality it really deserves to be done right. And I alone am just not up to it. So if there is anyone out there in the advertising world that runs in circles with clients that would just salivate over having a major portion of goldsilverprice.com real estate… all in return for just a bit of guidance on “how to do it right”… well… there’s a “contact to serve mind” button directly above meant for insightful communications. Be my guest.

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