I Am Falling Down The Twitter Rabbit Hole – And Liking It… A LOT

by xearther ~ February 17th, 2009. Filed under: Code Lounge, Twitter.

I choose not to advertise on this site the fact that I am a “Certified PayPal Developer”. It’s a question of time and the fact that I am still “doin’ the time” five days a week away from the Del Cerro Hatch. There is only so much I can commit to.

But now I have a confession. More like an “illumination”. I have “Seen the Light” and thy name is TWITTER.

My investigation of the Twitter API has revealed exciting and timely missing pieces to the New Media puzzle. My imagination has been let loose and is flying wild over San Diego. I don’t think I’ll be hitting ground any time soon, perhaps not until I grab a bite of White Rabbit’s cookie.

I will know ALL THINGS TWITTER by Summer of ’09. This statement isn’t a way to “advertise my services”. Instead it is to hint that the products and services I create will tend to be tightly integrated with the Twitter API. I will be sure to share with a post the critical role Twitter will play in the functionality of Niche Trivia.

I feel like I am strapping myself to a Saturn V rocket. I am ready for launch. 5… 4… 3…

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