Gold and Silver Price

by xearther ~ November 21st, 2010. Filed under: Portal.

I have a site that simply presents the live spot 24 hour gold and silver charts with gold and silver mining news.

The name of the site is

I’ve always wanted it to be an experiment in simplicity, simply delivering what it sets out to deliver as given in its domain name: present the gold and silver price.

The goal is reminiscent of another site I visit almost daily that also has a simple objective: deliver the time –

I wanted to make this post to give anyone who has a site related to gold or silver a “heads up”. Later this week I’m going to set up a “Resources” page at You’ll be able to maintain one post that describes your site with backlinks back to your site. There will be no charge for this.

The unique visitors to is most definitely trending upward. I know how hard it is to gain “eyeballs”. There’s no reason why I can’t help out others with valued content related to gold and silver gain some attention. It really isn’t much effort on my part and I’m certain all will benefit.

So look for the the new “Resources” page to appear on Thanksgiving day or before.

Happy Turkey!


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