Frank Kern and His Magical Mystery Book

by xearther ~ May 8th, 2011. Filed under: Internet Marketing, Social Media.
The Thinker

Endangered Species

So Frank Kern wants people to help him with the title of his book. For those willing to spend $6 on shipping, they will receive a prelim manuscript and have the opportunity to submit their book title idea. Which ever title wins, the lucky person gets to spend an afternoon with Frank, maybe even catch a few waves!

Well, naming the title of his book is easy. He should call it, “Name Your Own Damn Book”. And lest you think I’d want to spend an “afternoon with Frank”, I think I’ll pass. I’m sure I’d have fun. And I’m always in desperate need of improving my pathetic marketing chops. But getting in and out of La Jolla is a bitch.

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