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I have (finally) come to the realization that my success is and will always be based upon that which I not only know, but what I excel at.

Took me long enough.

One of my many flaws is that I think everyone knows what I know. This is usually in the form of, “Doesn’t EVERYBODY know this?”. Turns out, of course, they don’t. Duh.

I’m not going to take inventory in this post of all the “wonderful myriad ways” I shine. And there are many (Whoa… get the neck brace for that big head!).

I just wanted to put in place in this post in this “point” in time that I truly have finally figured it out. And it is (of course, once again) right in front of me, or should I say right inside of me, “front and center”.

I discern patterns where others see fog. I see futures that others don’t even have on their radar.

But I don’t just sit in a cave or hold a sign saying “End of the World, Repent!”.

What I bring is the intimacy with the machine (my way of fondly saying logic) to manifest, as in make tangible, the algorithms of opportunity inspired by those patterns perceived, those visions.

So what’s next?

Well, if I told you here you’d think it was just (more) crazy talk, or worse (and this would hurt), some marketing snake trying to dip into pockets not of his own.

So I’m keeping it to my self. For today. Until I do that manifest thing. You know, make it REAL.

Come back on Sunday, June 12th. You know how I love Sundays.

There will then be a link below this sentence revealing what’s next.

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