Camtasia? What the hell is that?

by xearther ~ April 10th, 2009. Filed under: The Bob Posts.

I’ve got about 15 minutes before heading for the shower so I won’t be going into any detail here.

I’m creating a new Category: The Bob Posts.

I thought, I’m connecting with and helping people half-way around the world. Why not focus on helping one individual “one degree removed” in my daily “circle”, e.g. my physical neighborhood?

And then posting the “help” for you to see.

They may appear… random.

But they are not.

It’s an evolution.

And evolution is messy.

His name is Bob. So these are “The Bob Posts”.

First up…


The Camtasia 3 Free Download offer expired in early January. But you can still hold on to your wallet by checking out the Techsmith site.

They are offering a free 30 day download. BUT they also have a project going on called JING. It will enable you to “explore the space” at no charge, and no “30 day” limit.

The fidelity isn’t the best they offer and the recordings are limited to 5 minutes a pop.

But it’s a start. It’s your call if you want to dive in all the way with the 30 day free trial or explore the JING freebie.

Start here: and then check out


P.S. Amazing how such a common app on the Internet has YET to make significant inroads into the “corporate” office. The “in house” training revolution still has yet to begin. And when it is seriously “in play”, it truly will be a REVOLUTION in job responsibilities, task sharing, and backup.

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