Bill’s 1979 Memories

by xearther ~ July 31st, 2009. Filed under: Code Lounge.

I just read Bill Gates’ post over at GIZMODO. Bill’s post has brought back so many vivid memories as if they were just yesterday. I remember seeing Bill give a presentation spreading the word about this small company called Microsoft in a meeting room at the Bellevue Black Angus. The man looked like he was 15. I remember getting a demo of a serial I/O board for the S-100 bus from the fellow who wrote the (quick and dirty) OS over at Seattle Computer. The 16 bits of the 8086 were exciting. But I was there for the comm ports to add to a Z80 NorthStar, a computer that came with schematics. Good times.:-)

I remember visiting the Bellevue office to pick up a copy of MBASIC for the CP/M OS. There were about 35 employees at the time. While the secretary went to get a copy in a back room, I was asking myself, “Should I fill out a job app? …Nah. I have other… ‘commitments’.”

Anyone who has read the book “Replay” will understand when I say, if I “wake up” in that office again, I’m filling out the damn app and to hell with the ‘commitments’ Then I’ll buy those 20 acres of farmland for sale in Redmond.

We’ve been passing ships, Bill. And that’s my biggest regret. For I know as you know, it’s all about the puzzle.

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