A New Commission Junction WP Plugin For Affiliates

by xearther ~ May 25th, 2011. Filed under: Internet Marketing, Wealth Creation.

There’s a new plugin being sold over at the Warrior Forum worth at least looking at for “academic purposes” if nothing else.

I do have a couple reasons why I personally wouldn’t buy this plugin.

For one, I despise CJ for the way they treat their customers. Any outfit that nickels and dimes their customers by automatically pulling ten bucks from the customer’s balance after a few months of dormancy does not, in my opinion, reflect a fundamental philosophy of being of service to the customer and instead, is more like how can we squeeze every last nickel so we can support our corporate culture that is meant to perpetuate itself for it’s own sake?

But then again… maybe I should buy it, reverse-engineer it, and build a plug-in for LinkShare. 😉

Wait a minute… one already exists! And it’s two and a half years old! And it’s FREE!

Yep, CJ can kiss my ass. They took from my account not just the ten bucks. They took the entire nineteen dollars and change. Why? I do not know. But I was not about to waste my time finding out. The return on time investment was just not there. I simply closed my account and have never looked back. Let them shoot themselves in the foot. I am not about to make it my mission to help them “see the light”. There are plenty of other competitors who are willing to put up with me and my insanity.

Now LinkShare… LinkShare has my lifetime loyalty for putting up with my tepid attempts at marketing their vendors’ products over the years, knowing that I might, just might, pull through and finally get it together.

Patience is a virtue. And LinkShare is an income source for affiliates that reflects that.

And speaking of income sources for affiliates, on a more positive note here is a resource providing you with access to over 30,000 affiliate programs: oDigger.com. 30,000!

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