August 30th, 2014

A Reply to Stefan Molyneux and “The Truth About Robin Williams”

“…a small town in North Carolina”. “…smoke marijuana and took LSD because cocaine was too expensive” (11:50).

Stefan… Stefan… Stefan… the “TRUTH” about Robin Williams? Boy, did you blow it.

As you, no doubt, know by now, Redwood High School is in Larkspur, and across (what was then called) the slough, is Greenbrae. The entire area is a stone’s throw away from Tiburon, on the way to the City.

Even then, there was plenty of money in these neighborhoods. If Robin and those he hung out with wanted cocaine, they could have afforded cocaine. They smoked marijuana because it was readily available and they were young enough to be just starting out with their drug adventures. If they wanted to “graduate” to cocaine, given the demographics of the area, they could have afforded it, unlike the Robin in that parallel universe going to Redwood High School in North Carolina.

Cocaine, at that time, was just not a big item on the “social drug radar” of those going to Redwood High School. I was there at the time, a Redwood. I was also on the same track team as Robin.

So the nagging question is, if you blew it on this fundamental tidbit of common knowledge, what else did you blow it on?

As far as I’m concerned, Robin Williams was born wired as Robin Williams. I am not ignoring the influence of experience. But if I were some time traveling Doctor who could swap the birth cribs for you and Robin, you know what would happen? There’s no way in hell you would have been on that track team at Redwood, let alone become a comedian or actor. But I have a feeling Robin would have had 10 times the subscribers on YouTube.

I’d like to think Robin would have liked this post. I don’t need a Quija board or seance to hear him clearly say, “Stefan, you Freudian cocksucker. You’re full of bullshit”.

by xearther